What causes bacterial infection

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What causes bacterial infection

Bacteria are living inside our body which is tiny. Bacteria can be helpful for digestive system but some bacteria might be causes of many diseases. Bacterial infection in vagina is a common infection. In general, women reproductive system is more susceptible to get infection than men. Normally, your vagina might get some popular types of vaginitis including bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, trichomoniasis, and vaginal atrophy.

What causes bacterial vaginosis

The good bacteria are lactobacilli which might outnumber the anaerobes the bad bacteria. However, when the anaerobes are excessive, it leads to bacterial vaginosis. When women have a new sex partner or have multiple sex partners it also gets bacterial vaginosis.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis

Normally, women who have bacterial vaginosis are no signs and symptoms but in some cases they probably get symptoms below:

         Abnormal discharge from the vagina such as a fishy-like odor or green or gray color.

         Irritation and itching feeling

         Pain during urination or intercourse

         In rare case, there is bleed lightly from vagina

Complications of bacterial vaginosis

You are highly susceptible to get sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, untreated pregnant women concern about some serious complications such as premature birth, miscarriage, postpartum endometritis or chorioamnionitis.

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis

What causes bacterial infection

What causes bacterial infection

         Cold compression: This method is strongly recommended for reduce pain and prevent severe infection. Otherwise, apply ice packs can soothe pain and irritation feeling in your vagina. Wrap ice cubes into a clean towel then apply onto your vagina a minute then rest. Repeat this action for several times per day. [2]

         Yogurt: Yogurt contains a good bacterial which is lactobacilli. This bacterial is helpful for the balance level of pH and reduces symptoms. Try to consume two cups of plain yogurt per day or use a swab and dish with yogurt then apple inside your vagina for few hours.

         Vitamin C: There are many foods which are rich vitamin C resources. Consume more vitamin C which helps shorten your healing process and improve your immune system.

         Garlic: There are many powerful chemicals which help against bacteria and yeast in your vagina. In addition, garlic help get rid of bacterial vaginosis more quickly and control other infections. You can cook some foods with a few cloves of garlic or take garlic supplementary pills.

         Stay hydrated: Water is highly suggested for boost the immune system. What’s more, drink at least two liters per day can prevent complications of bacterial vaginosis and reduce pain or irritation. Water is a miracle thing with our body.

When you applied some home remedies for couples of days but it is not effective. You should consider visiting your doctor to get antibiotics.

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