Top 7 stunning Blepharitis Treatments

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Top 7 stunning Blepharitis Treatments

Blepharitis is a popular medical condition which concerns with eyelid inflammation. There are three kinds of blepharitis include: anterior blepharitis, posterior blepharitis and mixed blepharitis. Otherwise, it might probably recur. Learn more signs and symptoms, complication and treatment of blepharitis in top 7 stunning blepharitis treatments below.

Signs and symptoms of blepharitis:

         Itchy feeling in eyelids

         Redness and burning sensation

         Swollen eyelids

         Sensitive to light

         Crusty eyelashes

Top 7 stunning Blepharitis Treatments

Complications of blepharitis:

         Stye: A red tender bump on the eyelid can be appeared due to an acute infection of the oil glands.

         Problem with eyelashes


         Dry eye syndrome

How to treat blepharitis

There are 7 stunning home remedies which can reduce symptoms and cure blepharitis effectively, include:

         Garlic: it is a strong method that improves immune system and fight to harmful bacteria. Otherwise, it might reduce inflammation and clear up symptoms of blepharitis. You can grind some cloves of garlic then get juice from that to rub over the affected location. After six hours, let use cold water to clean these areas.

         Aloe Vera: Getting aloe vera gel then put it in the fridge for a few hours, after that rub it on the eyelid for several times per day. It will help reduce pain and redness from inflammation. In addition, it can prevent severe conditions.

         Warm compress: This method is perfect to ease swollen and itchiness. You can dip a cotton ball with hot water then squeeze it and put over the eyes in a few minutes. Try to repeat it for several times per day to shorten the healing process.

         Honey: This remedy can do various functions which might probably cure sore throat, kidney infection, cough and bacterial vaginosis. Honey eliminates the dead cells and bacteria from eyelids. You can apply directly a few drops of raw honey on the affected location to get rid of blepharitis.

         Salt: This is a strong property which stops inflammation and reduce irritation from blepharitis. On the other hands, salt eliminates all harmful bacteria. Mix some salt with warm water then dip a cloth with that solution and put on the affected areas.

         Cold compress: After you apply warm compress which is not effective, you should consider cold compress. This method will ease pain and swollen from blepharitis. Try to get a cloth with cold water then put on the inflamed place.

         Potato: this is a great solution to get rid of blepharitis. Potentially, it helps soothe pain and inflammation. Potato contains some useful elements which cure blepharitis more quickly. You just cut potato into thin slices then apply directly on the inflamed places for 15 minutes then remove it.


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