The Rising Issue of Teenage Obesity

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The Rising Issue of Teenage Obesity

While it may seem trifling, the issue of obesity especially in the teenagers of the society is generating quite a stir among the dieticians and nutritionists of the world. The rising issue of teenage obesity is not confined to only a special part of the world as did most of the diseases in the past and that is why, it is a bigger threat than it may seem.

There is no doubt in the fact that the teenage of anyone’s life is the most important developmental stage, physically and mentally. And while obesity may not be considered quite a disease but rather an imperfection, it is treated half as much as it should be. This behavior towards obesity is the main cause that this rather horrific disease has made its way into the teenagers.

Prominent Causes of Teenage Obesity

Teenage obesity is a worldwide concept and studies shows that about thirty percent of the teenagers in the world are obese with the United States topping the charts. The causes? Well, firstly the most important cause of teenage obesity is the processed foods intake. Fast food and processed goods are ruling the food industry and this unhealthy eating is in turn increasing the obesity rate.

Secondly, the eating habits of the teenagers is also a prominent cause in their obesity. Parents, concerned about the proper development of their teenagers, tend to wrong their children’s’ eating habits. That is why, teenagers these days tend to eat more and more and never be full and that is clearly a prominent cause of obesity.

Thirdly, the beverages that are being used these days like soda and soft drinks are another source of obesity for the teenagers. These drinks while may seem tasty and fun contain loads of sugars. These sugars not only make the teenagers obese but also destroy their digestive systems. In this way, the teenagers are getting obese day by day and the more they get obese, the more prone to diseases they are getting. That is why this situation surely calls for immediate attention.

Probable Solutions

The most probable solution for teenage obesity comes as more of a responsibility for the parents than it is for teenagers. The solution is for parents to develop healthy eating habits in their children right from their birth. According to a study, even the food given to a child in its early years decides the health of its bones and muscles in its last years. Amazing! Isn’t it?

It may seem hard to believe but it is a fact. That is why parents need to feed their babies healthy food and make complete nutritious foods like milk a must for their children. While it may not cure the teenagers that are already obese but this can ensure that the in the future no teenagers get to suffer from this disease. As for the teenagers, the only way to lose weight is to work out and maintain a healthy diet. Only this way, teenage obesity can be controlled.


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