How to strengthen weak legs

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How to strengthen weak legs

Weak legs bring you sharp pain and maybe loss of touch, if you leave it for a long time, you can’t walk or even stand anymore. In this post I will tell you how to strengthen weak legs.

But first, you have to recognize weak legs and tired feelings after long term of walking and running. Here are some common symptoms of weak legs:
Swelling and redness
Burning or prickling sensation

How to strengthen weak legs:

1. Massage:
This is the most effective method to strengthen weak legs, it promotes circulation of nutrient to the weak muscles. Thus, massage will help reduce the swelling and pain. In addition, this method also relieves stress and bring you relax.
Warm up essential oil (it’s up to your choice: olive, coconut, lavender…), and then gently massage weak legs with it for 15 minutes.
Repeat this method twice a day.

How to strengthen weak legs
2. Doing exercise:
Do some simple exercises like jogging; strengthen your legs… stably. There are many other exercises specialized for training muscles and against weak legs. Remember to practice exercise every day to improve your strength.
In other hands, if these exercises make you painful, you should stop.
Doing Yoga or meditation is not a bad idea.

3. Drink milk:
Milk is rich of calcium and protein which strengthen your muscles and prevent the dehydration.
You just need to drink a glass of milk every day to strengthen weak legs.

4. Build a healthy diet:
Weak legs can be caused by lack of nutrients. So you have to concern more about your daily meals. Adding more protein in your meal like eggs, nuts, soy products… vitamin B as well (vitamin B is rich in oatmeal, fish, yogurt, bananas…)

5. Other tips:
Do not stand or sit in one position for too long.
Avoid foods that contain saturated fats.
You shouldn’t eat too much salty food.

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