Onion Breath Treatments

First of all, speaking onion, you might think of it as a delicious vegetable which is often used to enhance the taste as well as nutritional value of your dishes. The consequence of having onion in meals will be the onion after-taste in your mouth. However, the real problem lies in the breath with full of onion smell.

It is due to the sulfurous compounds from onion in which the odor molecules will enter the lungs through the bloodstream, thus you will experience onion breath when you breathe out.
Not only impact the bearer, onion breath will also spread negative impact onto the people around the bearer. For careless people, they might notice it unless they are warned by others directly. This will put the people with smelly breath in discomfort as well as embarrassing.
Nonetheless, curing onion breath cannot be relied on conventional methods such as mouthwash but rather make some alternation in the food as well as lifestyle.

Mouthwash Negative Effect

The mouthwashes now usually have sodium chlorite, also called chlorine dioxide. Even though, they often claim to be able to keep your breath fresh for about 6 hours; however, in facts they can only maintain it for about 40 minutes.
Therefore, they can only help out keep out of onion breath for such a short time and they cannot destroy the microbes which cause odor.
You can opt for essential oils from herbs such as eucalyptus, wintergreen, peppermint and thyme as those natural herbs will help you soothe inflammation as well as bring down plague which trigger onion breath.
Using essential is recommended due to its capability in decreasing Streptococcus mutans which is the one responsible for dental carries. Furthermore, essential oil can even maintain your fresh breath for almost 3 hours through destroying the germs that produce odor in your mouth.
Besides essential oils, you can use the technique name oil pulling for how to get rid of onion breath instantly and naturally. It means you will have to swish the oil around inside your mouth, technically pulling the oil between the teeth for at least 20 minutes. Not only destroying pathogenic bacteria, this technique even helps you encourage good oral hygiene as well as cleanse the system. Also it is recommended to use coconut oil for best effect.

Best Home Remedies for How to Get Rid of Onion Breath Instantly and Naturally

Green Tea – How to Get Rid of Onion Breath

Green Tea

With polyphenols which is a significantly powerful antioxidant, green tea can clear the sulfurous compounds from onion. Therefore, this ingredient is regarded as the best tip for how to get rid of onion breath instantly and naturally.

  • Put a tsp leaves of green tea into some hot water.
  • After steeping for about 5 minutes, strain it and put in some honey.
  •  Ingest this tea for couples of time per day.
  • Besides green tea, you might opt for some strong black coffee.

Lemon – How to Get Rid of Onion Breath

Citric flavor from lemon is an excellent remedy for neutralizing the onion smell. With antibacterial effect, even bad breath triggered by bacteria can be eliminated as well.

  •  Put a tbsp of lemon juice into some water and mix them up. Wash your mouth using that solution meticulously for 2 – 3 times per day.
  •  Ingest 1 – 2 glasses of lemonade. Also it is recommended to use homemade lemonade.
  •  Take a small wedge of lemon or a piece of lemon peel to such or chew.

Mustard Sauce

With strong smell, mustard will be simple yet effective method for how to get rid of onion instantly that you are looking for.

  •  Put a tsp of mustard sauce into the mouth and swish it inside the mouth for at least a minute before spitting out.
  •  Then ingest a tsp of mustard sauce.
  •  After that, wash your mouth using water.
  •  Practice again if needed.


Fat content from milk can absolutely neutralize sulfur from onion. Even better, milk can work efficiently as the mouthwash. Also it is suggested that you use full-fat milk instead of skim milk for better effect.
You can use take the milk before as well as together with meals.
This herb contains strong aroma which is considered one of the most effective tip for how to get rid of onion breath instantly.

  •  Simply put some cardamom into your mouth and chew after eating onion.
  •  Also use some cardamom tea for similar effect.
    With natural enzymes that are powerful at destroying sulfur compounds, apple is the most recommended fruit for how to get rid of onion breath instantly.
  •  Ingest an apple after consuming onion.
  •  Also you can use apple juice for similar effect.



You cannot leave mint out in the list of home remedies for how to get rid of onion breath instantly due to its strong chlorophyll together with antiseptic effect which works brilliantly against even bad breath triggered by bacteria.

  •  Put a tbsp crushed leaves of mint into some hot water. After steeping for about 10 minutes, strain it and put in some honey. Ingest the tea for couples of time per day.
  •  Put some crushed leaves of mint into your mouth and chew after consuming onion.
  •  Also you can use candies with mint flavor as well as mint chewing gum.

Baking Soda
With abilities such as neutralizing bad and onion breath, maintain the balance of pH level inside your mouth as well as control the bacteria growth.

  •  Put a tsp of baking soda together with sea salt into some warm water.
  •  Wash your mouth using that solution for couples of time per day.


Besides mint, parsley is also another herb which contains chlorophyll that can remarkably help you control bad and onion breath.

  •  Put some fresh leaves of parsley into some white vinegar together with some salt. Then take some leaves to chew for about 1 – 2 minutes before swallowing.
  •  Or you can put some chopped parsley into some water. Then put in 2 – 3 whole cloves and have them boiled for about 5 minutes. After straining, let it cool and then consume.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Last recommended ingredient for how to get rid of onion breath instantly is apple cider vinegar which possesses the capability of neutralizing onion breath as well as bad breath from bacterial growth.
– Put ½ tbsp of vinegar into some warm water. Use that solution for gargling in 10 seconds per time.
– Put ¼ cup of vinegar with a tbsp of honey and some drops of clove oil as well as tincture of myrrh into a glass. Put in some hot water and mix them up. Wash your mouth using this solution to get rid of onion breath.

Bad Microbial Metabolism and Oral Health

Besides onion, you can develop foul-odor breath due to bacteria which cause gum disease.
There are gingivitis and periodontitis which are the 2 stages of gum disease. The stage of periodontitis is when the surrounding areas of teeth are inflamed. From having gum disease, the sufferers will develop bad breath due to the space between gums and teeth which is trapped with food and lead to the growth of bacteria. Particularly, there are some cases which involve bleeding and lead to decomposing blood which induce bad breath.

Bad and Onion Breath from Lifestyle Habits

Bad or onion breath can also come as the consequence of certain habits or lifestyle. For example, using drugs will increase your exposure to synthetic and chemical compounds which will increase the risk of developing dry mouth.

Dry mouth is different from onion breath as it is the condition which the production of saliva is impaired. However, there is significant connection between bad or onion breath with the lack of saliva as saliva helps flush out the germs which trigger the odor.

Besides drugs and medications, another action which can cause bad and onion breath is breathing using the mouth as well as snoring.

In order to fix the habit of snoring, you can find out more about this problem here at: Home Remedies for Snoring.

You also need to reduce the consumption of alcohol as it not only makes your mouth dry but also triggers the foul odor of your breath. Therefore, you will need to decrease the amount of alcohol consumption or at best quit consuming alcohol.

Lastly, it is smoking and even some particular foods that can also cause the problem of bad or onion breath. Together with foul-odor breath, smoking can even stain your teeth. That is why you need to practice in order to quit smoking.

As you take care of those factors above, not only you can cure the bad and onion breath, you can even forbid it from happening anywhere anytime.

Factors that Benefits or Harm the Health of Your Gut

The ultimate reason behind the bad or onion breath is food because the breath is direct illustration of what you digest. Such things are processed foods which have sugar as well as grains which can be transformed into sugar. They will destroy the balance of micro-flora in your gut and create advantage for yeast, fungi and bacteria to grow and lead to the production of metabolic waste products.

With the imbalance of bacteria inside the gut, it will make you incur some following effects.

  •  Have difficulties in absorption of essential nutrients.
  •  Have trouble with breaking down toxins.
  •  Increase in allergies.

Therefore, you are suggested to consume less or quit refined carbohydrates as well as fruit juice, soda and vitamin-infused drinks.
Additionally, the balance of micro-flora cannot be balance if you do not control those following factors.
Antibiotics: These substances might not only destroy negative bacteria but also the positive and beneficial bacteria inside the gut. Therefore, only use this if required.
Factory-farmed meats: Those meats used the CAFOs which is confined animal feeding operations that contain low-dose antibiotics as well as genetically-engineered grains and synthetic hormones. Overall, they will destroy the positive bacteria in your gut.
Chlorinated and/or fluoridated water: There are water companies which use chlorine to filter water. Therefore, you should choose the high-quality filtered water to use in order to limit the exposure to that chemical.
Antibacterial soap: Opposite of its name, the soap actually has triclosan which is capable of destroying human cells as well as encouraging the development of negative bacteria.
Agricultural chemicals (pesticides): Those pollutants are capable of eliminating positive bacteria in the gut. That is why you should choose organic suppliers which use sustainable farming technique.
Balancing Your Gut
The method for maintain the digestive health at optimal level is none other ingesting healthy foods. By healthy foods, it means you have to intake the following ingredients.

  •  Consume whole foods which are unprocessed.
  • Consume lightly-cooked or even raw meals.
  •  Consume dairy products as well as pastured meats.
  •  Consume foods from good-quality organic sources.
  •  Consume vegetable carbohydrates (excluding potato)
  •  Consume healthy fats such as raw seeds and nuts, avocados and coconut oil.


Brush to Obtain Optimal Oral Hygiene

In the end, the best method for how to get rid of onion breath instantly and naturally is still brushing as well as flossing. Those techniques are certainly the best for encouraging a healthy environment of bacteria in the mouth, thus help you get rid of bad breath effectively.
However, you need to stay away from toothpastes which have fluoride in their ingredients as fluoride tends to promote bad oral health as well as other detrimental risks of health.
You also need to note that the decay of tooth is the result of interaction between acidity and bacteria. The low level of pH in the mouth will lead to the deterioration of calcium in teeth.