How to Get Rid of Mouth Thrush for Good Naturally

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How to Get Rid of Mouth Thrush for Good Naturally

Generally, mouth thrush is a result of attack coming from Candida fungus existing in mouth area. Facts have shown that sickness, stress or other health problems can also increase the chance of your suffering from mouth thrush. Moreover, mouth thrush can be easily seen through some symptoms including creamy white bruises.

Following are top 7 super simple tips on how to get rid of mouth thrush for good. You can feel totally safe when using these treatments because they only rely on natural ingredients which are available in your home kitchen.

1,Tea Tree Oil

In fact, tea tree oil is packed with anti-fungal properties, as a result, this special type of oil is considered as one of the best tip on how to get rid of mouth thrush. It inhibits the widespread of the fungus candida and save other parts of your body from getting infected.

  • Put some drops of this oil into warm water
  • Stir them carefully
  • Use this mixture to gargle your mouth everyday

2, Cinnamon

Due to cinnamon’s packing with not only antifungal but also antibacterial effects, it can effectively get rid of mouth thrush well. You can choose to either drink cinnamon tea or simply consume cinnamon mixed with yogurt.

3, Green Tea

Not only is green tea a favorite drink that many people enjoy, but it can also effectively act as natural treatment for mouth thrush. In particular, this special liquid will take great effect on removing annoying symptoms associated with mouth thrush. Simply put some salt into green tea before dipping a cotton cloth into the solution and place it into your affected area.

4, Salt

It is highly certain that whenever your throat as well as mouth gets trouble, salt is a priority solution which people usually think about. And mouth thrush is not an exception. In fact, salt is one of the simplest as we as most effective treatments on how to get rid of mouth thrush which you can find immediately at home. It will decrease your going down with pain promptly as well as contribute to the elimination of white bruises in your mouth.

  • Mix some salt with enough warm water
  • Allow this mixture to gargle your mouth
  • Do like this frequently

5, Baking Soda

Baking soda is economical and easy to find ingredient, but not everybody knows all about its benefits. Facts have shown that it is one of the most popular home remedies for mouth thrush  because it is able to eliminate the fungus candida blamed for your going down with mouth thrush.

  • Get a mixture of baking soda and warm water to get a thick fine paste
  • Soak a cotton ball in the paste
  • Insert it into your affected area
  • After several minutes, use warm water to rinse the mouth.
  • Repeat this remedy several times a day

6, Olive Leaf

Unexpectedly, olive leaf is considered as one of the best home remedies for mouth thrush because it can enhance the immunity well. You are recommended to consume about 300-500mg of olive leaf extract on a daily basis so that the fungus candida will be eliminated soon.

7, Water

Last but not least, you can also drink as much water as possible to get rid of mouth thrush effectively at home.

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