How to Get Rid of Cativity Effectively and Naturally

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How to Get Rid of Cativity Effectively and Naturally

Among all dental issues, cativity seems to be the most popular one. It is believed that cativity is able to make people feel really uncomfortable and inconvenient. If the strong attack of bacteria is informed to be the main cativity origin, other factors triggering to deal with this problem can be listed as eating disorders, foods remaining on teeth for such a long time. More importantly, if tooth decay left treated improperly, the situation will become worse and result in many other severe issues such as toothache or serious tooth loss.

Following are top 7 super simple and effective tips on how to get rid of cativity effectively which you can easily apply at home to say goodbye this problem quickly.

1, Licorice


People love licorice because it has naturally sweet taste. However, not everyone knows the incredible effect licorice has in getting rid of cativity. Not only can this home remedy stop plaque, licorice can also protect people from the stronger bacterial attack blamed for captivity.

  • Add dry licorice powder to your daily toothpaste
  • Brush your teeth as usual



2, Onion

People use onion for many purposes such as cooking, whitening skin, removing freckles and especially stopping terrible state of cativity. It is undeniable that the pain accompanying with this issue will be naturally removed due to the help of onion whose main properties are antiseptic as well as antibacterial.



Salt is a popular ingredient which can be found in almost any home kitchens. People have been using salt for treating many oral problems including cativity. Particularly, the mixture of antiseptic as well as antibacterial effect in salt can effectively stop annoying troubles associated with cativity. Bacteria responsible for this problem will also have no chance to develop, therefore, people will feel much better.

  • Have a mixture of salt and mustard oil with 1:2 ratio
  • Use this solution to massage your gum slowly and gently in 3-4 minutes
  • Use lukewarm water to gargle
  • Repeat the process regularly



4, Ice

Whenever captivity causes you too much trouble, you can apply ice directly onto your affected area to relieve pain then your terribly painful feeling will be sure to disappear.

5, Wheatgrass


If you are suffering from cativity, you should give wheatgrass a try. It is believed that wheatgrass is so helpful for the battle against tooth decay due to its antibacterial qualities. Additionally, the great source of vitamin C as well as vitamin E in wheatgrass can also improve tooth’s health. You are recommended to consume a cup of wheatgrass juice daily with your empty stomach each morning.

6, Clove


It is all agreed that clove is one of the best tips on how to get rid of cativity effectively. Once people make use of this ingredient, cativity will be eliminated well thanks to clove’s loading with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities.

  • Get a mixture of clove oil and sesame oil
  • Dip a cotton ball into the mixture
  • Use it to apply into your affected area
  • Leave it on 30 minutes before rinsing if off carefully
  • Do like this several times



7, Guava

With the support coming from guava, people will no longer feel worried about cativity. It is also stated that the condition of your gums as well as teeth will be much promoted much if you consume guava daily. 

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